Best to rely on family-law advice from a Licensed Illinois Attorney

Many people suffer with family problems that can only be resolved in the court system. Divorce, custody, abuse, parenting-time disputes, unwanted or unexpected relocation of children to other areas or states -- these are just some of the conflicts and issues that often require court intervention. The question is how to move through a complicated legal system as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The reason is that inefficiency and delay can be very, very expensive!

I practice law in Cook County Circuit Court, one of the largest court systems in the country. There are procedures, rules and laws that govern the proceedings in and out of the courtroom. It's a constantly-shifting landscape, and it's important not to get your advice from family and friends who have had “similar” cases or who think they know how the system works.

If you live in Cook County, Illinois, or have a case in Cook County, then only a licensed Illinois attorney, steeped in the laws, rules and procedures of family law as practiced in Cook County, can give you a professional opinion and provide guidance regarding your particular situation.
I am such an attorney, I have many years of experience doing this type of work, and I would welcome your call at 312-493-4241, seven days a week.

- Kevin R. Johnson

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