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The Importance of Precision in Divorce and Custody Court Orders

I sometimes have opposing attorneys complain that I take too much time, in the courtroom hallway, to talk with my clients and to review the details of proposed settlements or proposed court orders (which are often offered at the last minute in family-law cases, sometimes outside the courtroom as we're waiting to be called before the judge for a contested hearing or trial).   I consider that criticism to be a badge of honor. I do believe in careful and obsessive attention to detail -- and in planning for the future.  For example, a parenting schedule that says, "Every other weekend" had better give a starting date for the rotation, or there is sure to be conflict months later as one of the parties gets confused (or feigns confusion) about which weekend is the 'every other'  -- maybe seeking disruption around the time that the other parent has begun a new relationship or started  a new job.  That uncertainty, real or faked, can greatly disrupt family plans and tr