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Divorce Attorney, Custody Attorney - Interview only with the attorney who will represent you

When you are looking for an attorney to represent you in a custody, divorce, child abduction, parenting interference or other family-law case, you should be sure that the attorney who provides the 'initial consultation' is actually going to represent you -- if you choose that law firm.  If the firm assigns an attorney to interview you, but that attorney is not going to represent you in your case, it's a big problem.  That 'interviewing attorney' could make promises.  But it's easy to make promises, or talk tough, or spout strategy, when you know you're not going to be the attorney responsible for the actual work!  So, ask the attorney interviewing you:  If I hire your firm, will you promise to be the one representing me ?  See what answer you get. If you meet with me, and if we decide to work together, rest assured that I will represent you.  I will not make promises just to secure your business.  I will give you my honest assessment of your case and