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Custody and divorce lawyer - test questions to ask before hiring

Choosing which attorney to represent you in your family-law matter is potentially life-changing, as you will be trusting your future (and your children's future in some cases) to that professional. You could try a few 'test questions' to see how comfortable the attorney is with the world of family law: 1.  Do you give your cell phone # to clients, to call you 7 days/week? 2.  When I pay you the initial deposit for my case, will it be placed in a trust account until you earn it? 2.  Have you handled a case similar to mine?  Please tell me about it. 3.  Do you handle 'UCCJEA' cases?  Please tell me about an interstate-custody can that you handled. If you would like to meet, and ask me these questions -- or many others, I'd be happy to talk with you.  My cell # is 312-493-4241.  Yes, I answer my phone 7 days/week! - Kevin Johnson