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Divorce, Custody and Household Terrorism

I sometimes represent victims of domestic violence and of domestic terrorism.  The victim may not be physically abused, but may be held hostage or dominated by the abuser in other ways.  One way is to earn a substantial living but give the spouse only dribs and drabs of money, essentially an allowance to buy food and what the abuser feels is necessary.  The victim then has to essentially beg the abuser for more money - handouts. The abuser may present to the world a polished, professional image, even earning promotions, awards and commendations -- all the while acting like a tyrant and terrorist at home.   If you have a roller-coaster life, are being dominated and held a financial prisoner by your spouse or partner, if your spouse has you convinced that you are the problem, twisting reality to try and portray you as a bad mother or father when you know (you know) better, you may actually be the victim of psychological abuse or domestic violence.