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Fight for language that brings you peace

Language is vitally important. When a custody or divorce judgment is unclear, or requires elaborate interpretation, it can lead to disputes, friction between the parties, and unnecessary court proceedings.  All to the good, if you like being in court and watching your money drain away.  However, most people don't like that , and most people want to avoid wasting time and money in struggles that don't get them anywhere, and that could be avoided through careful writing by the attorneys. For my clients, I try to reduce and where possible,  eliminate  the need for routine communications between separated parents (ex-spouses, ex-partners). Let them save communications for when 'significant' (slow-moving, life-changing) decisions need to be made for a child, or when an emergency arises. There's quite a bit of talk about 'Co-Parenting.'  Books have been written about it.  It's a buzz word. Really, though, co-parenting is just a pipe dream when it