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Keep your divorce lawyer focused on your goals

To save time and money in your family-law case, it's essential to have some definite goals, and to proceed toward them as quickly and smoothly as possible.  From the 10,000-foot level, the goal might be to raise your children to be happy and well-adjusted, to have healthy and committed relationships as adults, and to need as little intensive therapy as possible (to undo the damage from your court case.)  As you zero in closer to the ground, the goals might involve obtaining the maximum-possible amount of parenting time, or obtaining a clearly-written holiday and summer-parenting schedule so you can enjoy and relax during those times that are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing! If you haven't had a talk lately with your attorney about the goals of your case, it's like being in a taxi where the driver has only a vague idea where you want to go.  Have that talk! If you'd like to talk about your goals, please call my cell # at 312-493-4241 - seven days a week. - Ke