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Divorce and custody cases made easy (-er)

It's important that you discuss with your attorney the psychological aspects of your divorce or custody case. Advice that is limited only to the legal aspects of the case is practically worthless in a family situation, since it leads to wheel-spinning and the massive overuse of expensive attorney time and Court time. Your children are very aware of the conflict between their parents, and sometimes find themselves whipsawed emotionally as they pass from one hostile household to another. You need a day-to-day strategy for dealing with this. How parents behave, whether they rise above the chaos and show True Leadership, can really make an impact on the children's lives, their social and emotional development, and their ability to have healthy relationships. This has nothing to do with "taking the high road," as has been mentioned in books and websites. Nothing of the sort. What's necessary is to think ahead, plan actions in advance that will help your case Move Al