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Getting Started with a Divorce and Custody Attorney

I receive many calls from people who have been referred by others.  I am grateful to be trusted by those people who refer friends, relatives and co-workers, and I try to be helpful to all who call. To start with, I schedule an 'analysis,' for which I charge $50.  I meet the person at my office (500 N. Michigan) and look over all their court papers and other documents, and interview the person about the situation.  I then talk  about possible ways to move forward -- with strategy, tactics and a good sense of the goals that the person is pursuing.  I try to answer all of the person's questions. The person is under no obligation to hire me, and can take my recommendations and advice and think more about it, talk to other attorneys, and then make the decision of how to proceed (and who to trust with his or her case.) If you would like to schedule a $50 analysis of your situation, please call me anytime (7 days/week) at 312-493-4241.