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When a Chicago Custody and Divorce Attorney can help

I am sometimes contacted by people whose cases have taken a bad turn.  It may be that the other side has obtained a favorable (for them) court order regarding the children, or obtained a money judgment against them, or convinced a judge that the person is in 'contempt of court.'  While I cannot always improve the situation, I welcome the chance to sit down for what I call "an analysis"-- looking over the paperwork, correspondence and court orders, and discussing the history of the case with the person, to determine what can be done. If there has been an unfavorable court order, it is very important to act quickly -- filing a 'motion to reconsider or vacate' within 30 days.  Doing it after 30 days pushes the cases into a different set of rules, and makes it less likely that a court will give serious consideration to overturning its previous ruling.  If I analyze your case, I will not dwell on past actions or strategies.  I don't find that to be productive