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Divorce, domestic violence, internet-connected devices

Here's a link to a 2018 New York Times article,  detailing how some people feel manipulated and controlled by their abuser, due to the existence of internet-connected devices in their home. These can include thermostats, Amazon Echo, Google home,  and other appliances that are  controllable through a smartphone app  or other internet means. Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse New York Times article If you are in an emergency situation, where your safety is being immediately threatened, you should call 911, or go to your family doctor, counselor or emergency room. If your children have witnessed abuse, they should be brought along to be interviewed. In the Chicago area, there are many, many resources for victims of domestic violence and their families, including free counseling, free shelters, free food and other assistance. If you would like to have a confidential discussion of your particular situation, please find a safe place where you can talk, give m