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Chicago Divorce Lawyer - Get help retrieving an abducted child!

I am sometimes asked to help a parent whose child has been taken out of state or hidden by the other parent.  These are real-life dramas.  Not very long ago, a case was reported (in the Minneapolis Star Tribune) where a 5-year-old boy was abducted by his paternal grandparents, who then moved, changed their names and hid the child until he grew up.    Apparently the mother, whom they were hiding the child from, never got the professional help she needed to find and reclaim the child.

Visitation, Custody and Police in Chicago

When dealing with the police in the context of a visitation or custody dispute, it's important to remember that they do Not want to answer a 'domestic' call.  That is, they do not want to come to you house, or to the residence of the other parent, and mediate or handle a dispute between two parents.  There are better ways to enforce your visitation or custody rights under Illinois law, and I would be happy to talk with you.

Chicago Divorce Lawyers and 'Conflict of Interest'

Attorneys have a duty to pursue a client's goals, within the limits of the law, court rules, and both written and unwritten ethical standards.  I often use the analogy of a taxi driver.  The attorney is the taxi driver, the client is the passenger.  You hop into my cab, I ask you where you want to go.  I can't drive my taxi around aimlessly with no destination. An attorney can't let a case drag on and on, just because he or she would make more money that way.  Also, the attorney should write clear, understandable agreements and court orders (yes, the attorneys usually write court orders for judges to sign), so that clients don't find themselves back in court fighting over the meaning of the words.  Not paying attention to wording  can destroy the finances of struggling families and children.   For example, a vague phrase like, "equally divide the holidays" can lead to months and years of expensive fighting.  I have plenty of examples of clearly-worded parent