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A Chicago Divorce Lawyer's perspective on children's "activities"

How important are extracurricular activities for children?   Are they more important than spending time with a parent?  Some parents will schedule the children to attend lessons or activities that infringe on the other parent's parenting time.  The scheduling parent may offer the justification that they are simply giving the child or children a 'normal' life - but the other parent simply wants to spend uncluttered time with the child. Lessons or activities can be misused to wage psychological warfare at the expense of the child's emotional health!  One solution is to require that a parent's written consent (by email, for example) be required to step on his or her parenting time.  A parent is still free to schedule activities on his or her own time. My cell # is 312-493-4241, if you'd like to schedule a time to talk about your situation in detail. - Kevin J.