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Promises of a Divorce and Custody Attorney

When you are interviewing an attorney and making the decision whether to trust your future, and possibly that of your child, to that professional, please pay close attention.  Are you being promised a particular outcome?  Actually, it is possible for an attorney to promise anything , in an initial interview, if he or she doesn't plan to be there at the end of the case - and won't have to deliver. Ask your prospective attorney what percentage of cases he or she actually finishes.  Having an attorney start a case by making promises to you, then ramping up the fees and making everything 'hot' with incendiary pleadings and accusations, announcing that he or she can't continue because he or she isn't getting paid and can't work for free - and finally filing a motion to withdraw just months or weeks before crucial dates (such as a trial) doesn't help you.  It wastes money.  It may poison your chances of working with the other party or parent on decision-ma