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Decisions to be made by the client, and by the divorce and custody attorney

It is always important for me to have a clear understanding with clients about our respective roles.  I often use the analogy of airline pilot and a passenger:  I'm like an airline pilot -- I am "in charge" of getting to the destination, my client is like an airline passenger, and is my source of detailed information on what destination (goal) should be pursued.  I must decide how to achieve those goals -- to get to the client's destination.  So, just like a passenger on a airliner can't come into the cockpit, grap the steering yoke and try to fly the plane, my client can't be "in charge" of the case.  For example:  Does my client want to have his child live with him?  Get the child back from another state?  Prevent ongoing interference with his parenting time?  Make a parenting schedule more clear, prevent misunderstandings about school and health decisions, or otherwise lower the volume and temperature of the case?  Or are there safety concerns, an