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Zealous advocacy in divorce and custody cases

The practice of family law necessarily involves negotiation, trial preparation and trial strategy, knowledge of the law, knowledge of court procedures and rules, and the ability to take a client's goals and match them against the realities of a particular situation. That is, seeking to maximize achievement of the client's goals within the constraints of the facts, the evidence and the mechanics of the legal system -- here in one of the largest court systems in the country.  I'm a hard-nosed litigator who fights for my clients. With a younger attorney serving as my co-counsel, I recently fought an 8-day divorce and custody trial (successfully) in Cook County Circuit Court against one of the largest family-law firms in Chicago.  They admitted billing their client over $230,000 -- my client was billed less than $80,000. The other side appealed the trial court's decision, and the Appellate Court upheld it on every point - down to the last dollar of child support.   Whil