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Solutions for Parental Alienation in Divorce and Custody Cases

 I have seen cases calm Way Down when my client starts acting as though the other parent doesn't exist.  At first glance, it sounds bad, since one of the factors under Section 602 is the willingness of the parent to foster a good relationship between the child and the other parent.  But, in a case a few years ago where my client (the mother) implemented this, and the other side (father, trying constantly to stir up chaos using their little son) tried to portray the mother's refusal to allow the little son to speak of his father, and her refusal to engage the father in voice communications, as a bad thing, the judge granted my oral 'motion for a directed finding' at the close of father's case, at the trial on father's petition to change custody .  So, it didn't hurt us at all. I do believe parents should communicate adult-to-adult in these high-conflict situations by email (not texting or voice).  I recommend that clients adopt a 'ma

Customer Service in Divorce, Custody and Visitation Cases

Should a family-law attorney give clients his or her cell-phone number?  I believe so.  My clients, by trusting me with their divorce, custody, paternity, child-support, visitation or other family-law case, are really placing their lives in my hands.  I don't want them guessing what to do when a situation arises -- they need to be able to reach me when they have questions.  I give them my cell-phone number and encourage them to call anytime. This means that I can't hide from clients, that I must keep clients informed and somewhat happy, or they will be ringing my phone day and night. I call my customer-service policy 'direct contact.'  My clients can reach me 7 days/week.  I even answer my phone when I'm on the phone with someone else (very briefly, with apologies to the present caller -- just to say that I'm tied up and will have to talk later.) I don't put up a 'voicemail wall'  (I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson is in a meeting right now, would you