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Simple answers to seemingly-complicated problems

It is amazing how much time, energy and money is expended on disputes between spouses, partners, ex-spouses and ex-partners when children are involved.  Some of these examples lend themselves to easy resolution, but there is often a momentum to the court case that seems unstoppable.  Some examples of these common disputes: Late pickups or dropoffs of the children for parenting time. Failure to cooperate in allowing one parent to call children while in the company of other parent. Last-minute cancellations or disruptions to parenting time. Parenting-time schedules that are so variable or unclear that they lead to disputes and misunderstanding (or deliberate manipulation). Use of the children to pass information, announcements, questions and comments between the parents. One parent's obligation to contribute toward the children's medical and dental expenses incurred by the other parent. Accusations about late or missing child-support payments. I have seen more of these disputes