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Custody and Divorce Attorney - the importance of finishing cases

When I meet with a prospective client for an analysis of their situation (for which I charge $50), I look at how I can bring their case to a conclusion.  After all, no one wants to be going to court over and over again, wasting valuable time and spending money unnecessarily.  So, from the very beginning, I try to determine exactly what the person's goals are.  Do they want a peaceful life, with the ability and freedom to parent their children without interference.  Do they want a steady, predictable financial situation, where child support or maintenance (alimony) checks arrive regularly.  Do they want a say in making important parenting decisions for their children?  Do they want freedom from interference with their parent-child relationship?  Do they need a full and complete accounting of all of the assets of the marriage, and a clear plan on how to proceed with dividing those assets and streams of income? If the goals of the representation are not clear, then it's possible