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Defend against psychological warfare - a Custody and Divorce Attorney's Perspective

Do you feel that you're living a nightmare?  A custody or parenting-time battle is  a nightmare, and it's very difficult to break free of the mind-numbing, soul-draining struggle, to feel that you can breath some fresh air. There is hope, though.  I sometimes say that the 'toolbox' that people use against each other in custody and divorce cases is a very-small one.  These self-taught practitioners of the 'dark arts' of psychological warfare use just the top tray in the toolbox -- a limited number of tactics, used over and over (and over.)  A few examples: (Bad) Ask the children where they want to live, or with whom they'd like to spend time, (Bad) Have the children communicate or negotiate scheduling changes with the other parent, (Bad) Ask the children what they and other the parent are doing during parenting time,  (Bad) "Listen" to the children talk about their time with the other parent, or (Bad) Schedule activities onto the other parent&