Divorce and custody agreements are essentially Contracts

As I have said many times, careful care and attention must be paid to the wording of divorce and custody agreements, since they will be subject to opposing parties' interpretations, and have to be clear and 'unambiguous' in order to weather years of use.

I noticed this 2018 article about the importance of commas in business contracts and criminal laws, and I thought it worth including:

I believe in being very, very careful to draft agreements and court orders that have staying power -- that can stand up to years of use, and to a variety of people using them to guide their own behavior and to hold others to account for their behavior.

If you're being presented with a long, complicated marital settlement agreement, allocation judgment or other court order that will be governing your life for the next several years -- and you would like a different perspective -- please give me a call.

My cell # is 312-493-4241.  Yes, that is my personal cell number.

- Kevin R. Johnson, Attorney


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